What is CashLinks?

How Exactly does CashLinks work?

Many of you are taught in the old way to click Standard Ads. And because of that has appeared auto clicker software. But the main problem it's not the members who are using this software, the biggest enemy is Paypal, because he stopped accepting PTC sites, because the members were complaining that they do not earn the wanted income from rented referrals or the sites became scams.

For all these problems in UltimateLinx, we bring a unique feature to be accepted by Paypal and members to earn 100% from their rented referrals.

So I decided to bring CashLinks as a new method of earning, and we have eliminated to click Standard Ads.

With Cashlinks we guarantee that your rented referral will be not anymore inactive because now it's very easy with Cashlinks, you only need to click on the CashLinks button, and the ads will be viewed automatically. Amazing right?

But it's not all that we are bringing to this new feature.

We will guarantee 4 Cashlinks every day to our members from where to gain income from their referrals, but if the members will want to advertise their site in CashLinks Ads, your guarantee CashLinks ads will be bigger and your daily income will be higher too.

We guarantee that your rented referrals will be 100% actives for every day for 30 days since you have bought it. If until your first payment your rented referrals are inactive or not clicking the ads, we are giving your money back 100% guaranteed.

To can benefit from this guaranteed money back you must make sure of this to rules:

1) to click the CashLinks button and to let until you receive the next message" There are not more ads to view" by the server time (00:01 AM - 23: 59 PM) every day for optimum referral click results.

2) Rented referrals should not be in small packages, i.e. with any rent purchase, you must select the maximum available pack. For example, the maximum package for a golden member is 100RR.

3)Respect the rules from above and from now on you will not suffer losses anymore with rented referrals.

Bellow, we will present a video tutorial how to use CashLinks.

Rented referrals Strategy

How Exactly can I earn from my referrals ?

Earn money with rented referrals!

It takes patience, time and few little investments. But it’s very profitable! Take your time to read this text carefully and you will understand how.

To begin, it’s important to understand terms about rented referrals

Rented Referrals (RR):

They are people who registered in PTC site directly without referral links. You can rent them and when they clicking you make money.

Recycling: If your rented referral stops clicking ads, you should recycle him, replace him for a little price and you will get new. Recycling is very important to maximize your profit.

Average: It’s very important to understand what is AVG and calculate your daily earnings. Number of clicks / number of referrals = AVERAGE (AVG).For example, if you have 1000 RR, and they make 4000 clicks it means your average is 4. 4000/1000 = 4.00

BEP: This is the amount of your daily expenses: (RR daily price/RR price click)/30 days

BEP Membership: (Price of Membership / RR value click) / (duration of membership) / Number of RR

Subtraction between AVG – (BEP + BEP PROFIT): PROFIT

Also keep in mind that when you upgrade to superior membership, the RRs you rented before the upgrade remain with the old membership Filter until you renew them.

Extension: After you rent referrals, you can extend them up to 30, 60, 90, 150 and 240 days. RR extension is the most important in this business and I will explain how to earn money using this option. You will make much more money if you extend them for a long period than if you extend them for a short period.

30 days Extension - If you extended RR for 30 days, you will get nearly 5% discounts for it.

60 days Extension - If you extended RR for 60 days, you will get nearly 10% discounts for it.

90 days Extension - If you extended RR for 90 days, you will get nearly 15% discounts for it.

150 days Extension - If you extended RR for 150 days, you will get nearly 20% discounts for it.

240 days Extension - If you extended RR for 240 days, you will get nearly 25% discounts for it.

You can use Autopay strategy: You extend your RRs for one day when they view advertisement and you get about 10% discount on the rental price of the RR.

The AutoPay is a very popular option among the members who work with RR. It is used for maximizing the profit from the RR for a certain period of time, that is usually longer than 30 days. When the Autopay is switched on, it adds for 1 day to the RR expiry date. It works only when the RR is active and when you have enough funds in your Purchase Balance.

It is also very important to buy the Membership with intelligence.

It means for example, it is not profitable buying the "Diamond" membership with only 200 RRs. Consider the price of RR rental per month and the price of the autopay if you use this strategy.

It is advisable to use the membership as much as possible according to their abilities before taking the next membership.

How much can I earn from my rented?

Let's do some math now. Let's say that you have Diamond membership with only 1000 rented referrals. And let's say that you have 4000 clicks from them every day. It is only example to understand easier. When you understand, you will be able to calculate earnings and make strategy for yourself. You will earn $0.01 from every RR click.

So, when you have Diamond membership and 1000 RR, 1 RR cost you $0.23 per month. With 4000 clicks per day (4.00 average) you will get $1.20 after 30 days per one referral.

Exemple: 1000 RR x 4 clicks/day = 4000 clicks

4000 clicks x $0.01 = $40/day

$40 x 30days = $1200 month

$1200 - $230 = $970 pure profit after 30 days