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Admin Aaron
Admin Aaron
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Dear Members,

After a full month of preparations, myself and Robert Gray my new associate partner, we are ready to say WELCOME TO UltimateLinx! It is the new Hybrid Site that was created for all of you. You will be able to enjoy the numerous ways of earnings, feel free to make your first tour around! Be my guests and be my friends here in the New Ultimate Opportunity called UltimateLinx. It is the third site in the Ultimate Group and I am thrilled to present it to you.

CashLinks it's a new earning feature from members will earn from their referrals and it's an automatic feature where you do not need to click anymore to view ads. With this new feature, we can continue to work with PayPal because from now on we are not anymore a PTC site.

Many Earning Options which include: CashLinks, Surf&Earn, Ad Packs, Offerwalls, Ultimate grid plus Traffic Advertisement. 6 ways to get your earnings in your pocket are presented by the Payment Processors.

The Rented Referral system is a new generation, and it includes the well know in UltimateAdz & UltimateBux referral activity filter. And I can assure you that it is designed for you, to get profit with the correct planning and management of your referrals. The profit is waiting for you, you just need to grab it by choosing your earning plan.

1- The first 10,000 members will instantly get a free Golden membership (Costs $49.99) with one-year expiry upon joining!

2- $1,000 referral contest - All members with Ultimate, VIP, Sapphire and Diamond membership can get an unlimited number of referrals. READ MORE HERE

3 - Add fund bonus

Deposit $10 to $85 and receive 5% cash back to your Purchase balance
Deposit $86 to $150 and receive 7% cash back to your Purchase balance
Deposit $151 to $300 and receive 10% cash back to your Purchase balance
Deposit $301 to $450 and receive 12% cash back to your Purchase balance
Deposit $451 to $1500 and receive 15% cash back to your Purchase balance
Deposit+$1501 and receive 20% cash back to your Purchase balance

This Promotion will end on 10th November 23:59 server time

Payment processors:
Processors that can be used directly to add fund through their gateway are Paypal, Payza, PerfectMoney, and Payeer.
Processors that can be used indirectly to add fund are: Bitcoin, AdvCash
Processors that are accepted for withdrawal are PayPal, Payza, Advcash, Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, and Payeer.
For add fund through bitcoin, you should either transfer the funds manually to our account or use the gateway on one of these processors: AdvCash, Payeer or Payza.

Best regards,
Aaron & Robert
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Good luck with the new page
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Congrats to your new site
and thanks for the bonus!
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Congrats Admin For your Bonus
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Good luck with the new site
and thanks for the bonus!
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congrats for your site

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Congratulations to the administrator and his team on the opening of the site! I wish stability and prosperity of the site, to all participants of good earnings and good luck!

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congrats for your new site
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